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                 Lianyungang Tochance Quartz Products Co., Ltd is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise funded by Taiwan Tochance Technology Co. Ltd. It is specialized in design, manufacture and service of the quartz material and its final goods, mainly including quartz materials, processing of quartz products, graphite, fine ceramics, sapphire and other kinds of special materials used in the fields of semiconductor, optoelectronics, optics, solar energy, LED, water treatment, lighting and optics, scientific research and physicochemical apparatus, laboratory equipment and instruments, etc.

          We are making all efforts to provide professional service and meet our customer demands based on our experience and innovation, and provide a variety of quartz and ceramic products for semiconductor and LED industries at home and abroad. Besides, we actively conduct associated R&D and design with customers, and provide them with a variety of services and support.

          We mainly provide transparent quartz glass tubes with diameters of 3mm-650mm, large diameter quartz tubes, quartz glass tubes, transparent quartz tubes, UV filtering quartz tubes, ozone free quartz tubes, milky white quartz tubes, gas refining quartz tubes, quartz rods, quartz plates, quartz deep processing, quartz apparatus, quartz distillation apparatus, quartz shunt, quartz glass, quartz condenser pipe, thick-walled quartz tubes, square tubes, scallop tubes, quartz ubbelohde viscometers, quartz drying tubes, constant-temperature quartz cylinders, rinsing tanks, quartz clock covers, quartz nitrogen bulbs, quartz washing bottles, source bottles, waste liquid bottles, quartz safety funnels, quartz gas saturators, quartz separatory funnels, quartz suckers, gas absorption tubes, quartz reaction kettles, quartz cable protective sleeves, quartz thermocouple protecting tubes, quartz weighing bottles, quartz gas washing bottles, quartz exhaust tubes, stirring rods, pistons, melting point determination tubes, test

          tubes, evaporating dishes, three neck flasks, fractional distillation flasks, distillation flasks, conical flasks, round-bottom flasks, crystallization point test tubes, crude distillation dehydrators, oxidation tubes, hydrogen sulfide absorption devices, LED quartz bearing plates, quartz flower baskets, semiconductor quartz tubes, quartz flanges, and railboats, etc.